Melina Sarris is Pregnant: Everything On Her Husband And Family

Melina Sarris is Pregnant: Everything On Her Husband And Family

Melina Sarris is confirmed to be pregnant as of 2021, per her social media posts. Get all the latest updates on her below!

Melina Sarris is an Australian journalist. She is best known for her weather reporting and presenting them for 7News.

Known for her amazing reporting skills, she has evolved as one of the notable weather reporters in Australia as of today.

In addition to her skills, her professional background is also one of the impressive traits of the 7News journalist.

Is Melina Sarris Pregnant In 2021?

Yes, Melina Sarris is pregnant as of 2021.

She announced her pregnancy in late August via her live television reporting when she flaunted her baby bump on the sets of 7News.

Melina had taken her colleagues as well as her viewers by surprise when she broke out the news.

As of currently, she is still coming to the news sets as a pregnant woman and has not stopped her work.

Of course, she will be taking her maternity leave when the time comes. She is one of the proud working women who have exemplified herself as a strong professional woman.

Meet Her Husband

Melina Sarris married her loving yet supportive husband Jonathan Laquito on March 23, 2019.

The couple dated for quite some time before they took the decision of exchanging vows.

Melina was the one to choose the March 23 wedding date which is also her grandfather’s birthday. Sadly, she lost her grandfather to Covid-19 last year.

Her husband Jonathan often appears on her social media posts as they are seen outing and traveling. 

It shows that the couple shares a great level of understanding among each other.

However, Jonathan does not operate any social media accounts while Melina is quite active on most of the social media handles.

Melina is presently followed by more than 8k followers on Instagram at the moment.

Melina Sarris Family Life Explored

Melina Sarris has not revealed much about her family and her life after her pregnancy.

Although she was clear about the connection between her grandfather’s birthday and her wedding date, she has not opened up about other family members.

Meanwhile, she is on her way to start a new family with her husband as this gets her first child from the marriage.

Her fans and well-wishers have been pouring her congratulatory and best wishes for her new family life since the announcement of her pregnancy.