Nicole Harper Car Accident and Arkansas Lawsuit Explained, Here Is The Full Story

Nicole Harper Car Accident and Arkansas Lawsuit Explained, Here Is The Full Story

Nicole Harper sued the state police after she got in a car accident last year involving an unnecessary PIT maneuver. We have covered the full story on the Arkansas Lawsuit update in this article.

Nicole Harper was a victim of a car accident when a police officer rammed her car to stop her. Harper was trying to find a safe spot to stop as she was being followed by the patrol police.

However, when the officer forcefully tried to stop her, Harper’s car flipped on the highway. She was two months pregnant at that time and was scared that she might lose her baby due to the crash. 

What Happened At Nicole Harper Car Accident? Arkansas Lawsuit Update

On July 9, 2020, Nicole Harper got into a car accident involving a police trooper chase. She was two months pregnant at that time and later, sued Officer Rodney Dunn for using a PIT maneuver, causing her car to flip.

After almost one and half years, the case has come to a settlement after Nicole reached an agreement with the Arkansas State Police. Although the details on the agreement are kept confidential for the time being, the news is currently trending on social media platforms.

Nicole Harper Husband: Is She Married?

We don’t have information regarding Nicole harper’s husband. However, she was pregnant at the time of her accident and gave birth to her daughter in February this year.

Therefore, we believe she has a partner but has yet to reveal his identity. There is also no information on the web regarding her husband or partner either.

We hope to update it soon.

Is Nicole Harper On Wikipedia?

No, Nicole Harper is not featured on Wikipedia.

She is currently trending on social media regarding her lawsuit and the recent agreement she reached with the state police. Harper was two months pregnant when she was unnecessarily stopped by a police officer which cause her vehicle to flip. According to the reports, she was trying to find a safe spot to park when the officer used the PIT method to forcefully stop her.

There are more details on the case to be released. We will update it as soon as possible.


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Last Modified: November 22, 2021

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