Who Was Raymond Johnson Detroit aka Skinny? Delrhonda Hood Story

Who Was Raymond Johnson Detroit aka Skinny? Delrhonda Hood Story

Who Was Raymond Johnson Detroit aka Skinny? Here’s what you should not be missing on the Detroit gangster!

Raymond Johnson has gained notoriety since “American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story” has hit the screens.

With the Detroit-based gangsters have gained fame as Delrhonda shared her life story to the world, many of her associates have gained a celebrity-like status too.

However, Johnson himself has not come forward which has added more to the mysterious aura around his life. Here, we have put all the answers to your questions.

Who Was Raymond Johnson Detroit aka Skinny? Is He On Wikipedia

Raymond Johnson aka Skinny was a notorious gangster in  Detriot. He was booked for many dangerous crimes including drug dealing, violence, assaults, and even homicides.

While the complete insiders on his life are still into consideration, it is for sure that he was a very dangerous man to deal with.

Well-known to the Detriot police department and prison, Skinny was an African-American man with a very well-built body stature.

As of today, he is speculated to be the character ‘Slim’ portrayed by Durrell ‘Tanks’ Babbs in the 2021 Delrhoinda-based movie. However, in the movie Tanks is known as ‘Slim’ which matches Skinny’s nickname.

Meanhwile, the confusion has not been cleared out by the movie production team as of yet. In the movie, Slim is a very close associate of Big Fifty who even gave Deorhonda the name.

Delrhonda Hood Story Explained

The 2021 movie “American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story” explains Delrhonda’s take on life as a gangster.

A poor mother who had a hard time feeding her children eventually enters the gangster world and did not stepped back until she claimed the title of a gangster ‘Queen’.

From gaining her name Big 50 to ending up in prison and giving up the gangster way later in life, the movie has won many hearts.

However, the movie has not mentioned Raymond Johnson’s name as of yet.

Even so, the netizens are sure that the two are related somehow though any of them has not spoken on it.

Raymond Slim Johnson Obituary – How did he die? 

Raymond Johnson aka Skinny or the rumored Slim in the movie, has not been a part of an official obituary as of yet.

Many suspects that he died during his gangster actions while some believe that he resorted to private and simple life.

Moreover, any information on him is not accessible at the moment that has made it hard to trace Skinny’s history or his current whereabouts.

We hope to update this section as soon s we get any information on SKinny very shortly.