Who Is Robinson Gissette Cruz? Everything About The Jeopardy Fan And Recent Contestant

Who Is Robinson Gissette Cruz? Everything About The Jeopardy Fan And Recent Contestant

Who Is Robinson Gissette Cruz? Meet the Jeopardy contestant who has been making headlines since their recent appearance on the TV.

Robinson Gissette Cruz played at the recent episode of Jeopardy. They have been an open fan of the show for a very long-time and finally appeared on the show this time.

Although Cruz did not stand at the top in the game rounds against Brittany Iburg and Jonathan Fisher, they have become an intriguing search topic for the netizens.

They have been criticized for their gameplay as they failed to play the game in many instances throughout the episode.

Who Is Robinson Gissette Cruz? Meet The Jeopardy Contestant 

Robinson Gissette Cruz is an art assistant from The Bronx, New York. To be precise, Cruz’s name is written as Robinson-Gissette Cruz per their tweet clarification.

They have become very active on Twitter talking about their journey in the latest episode. They have played with Iburg and Fisher on the 22nd episode of Jeopardy’s 38th season.

The episode was hosted by Mayim Bialik who is predominantly known for portraying the role of a neuroscientist Dr. Amy Farah Fowler.

Meanwhile, Cruz is non-binary and has shown concern for the people who do not acknowledge such identities.

Robinson Gissette Cruz Chimerism On Twitter Explained

Robinson-Gissette Cruz is an observer of reality thus, they have talked about chimerism in humans via their Twitter handle.

They have urged people to accept such human beings who are the result of chimerism in a recent tweet.

Chimerism is a condition in which a single organism is composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype.

It is not sure that whether Cruz is also a human chimera. Even so, they have done a great job speaking on such matters and urging people to accept uniqueness.

Follow Robinson Gissette Cruz On Twitter

Robinson-Gissette Cruz is available on Twitter under the username @KlickD6 where they have shared nearly 4 tweets.

They are followed by more than 300 Twitteratis while they follow more than 2k people. Since the broadcast of the Jeopardy episode, Cruz has become very active on the platform.

They have engaged in many conversations with fellow Twitter users tweeting on their journey at Jeopardy.

They have also provided their clarifications for their botches on the game.