Ryan White Parents: Are Mother Jeanne Elaine & Hubert Wayne Still Alive? Family

Ryan White Parents: Are Mother Jeanne Elaine & Hubert Wayne Still Alive? Family

HIV/AIDS victim Ryan White’s parents Jeanne Elaine and Hubert Wayne were often discriminated due to their son’s illness. Are they still alive?

Ryan White was a courageous young teen from America who was the true representative as a fighter against AIDs for the whole country. 

He became the public health icon and the most recognized national symbol when people found him fighting against Aids. He was the effective media to aware the then public about Aids, and he became the right spokesperson for the good medical treatment of HIV/AIDs sufferers. 

In December 1984, he got AIDs during the injection of factor VII, a blood treatment for hemophilia. These days, there is a program called HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDs, which provides necessary primary medical services and essential medication for needy people with HIV. 

Ryan White Parents: Are Mother Jeanne Elaine & Hubert Wayne Still Alive?

Ryan White was born to his parents, Hurbert Wyane and Jeanee Elaine, on December 6, 1971, in Indiana. He got infected at 13, where doctors suggested that he was living for only six months. However, his parents strongly support him in fighting against disease during that time. 

His father Hurbert Wayne died on March 14, 1999, when he was 52 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, USA. However, her mother still advocates for the people who are HIV infected.

She often visits the different communities to help them in the fight against the HIV epidemic. Also, she often visits several schools to educate the students about HIV/AIDS.

Everything About Ryan White Family

Ryan White’s family went through a hard time went he was diagnosed with AIDS, as Western Middle School didn’t allow him for classes. He was living with his mother and father, including his sister Andrea.

However, he was not a big severe to any of the other students, as the Indiana State Health Department had assured that there was not any chance of transferring AIDS from him.

His family moved to Cicero, Indiana, in 1987, where he attended school for the rest of his life. He fought against AIDS for six years, and he died on April 8, 1990. Due to the ignorance among the people: his family suffered very much as they used to struggle with AIDS discrimination.

In 1990, the Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act became law a month after he died from AIDS.