Who Is Saule Omarova Husband Timur Han Uckun? Age & Wiki & Children

Who Is Saule Omarova Husband Timur Han Uckun? Age & Wiki & Children

Saule Omarova, a nominee for the position of Comptroller of the Currency is married to her husband, Timur Han Uckun. Here’s what you need to know about her rarely known personal life details!

Saule Omarova is a Kazakh-American attorney, academic, and public policy advisor. She has been nominated to serve as Comptroller of the Currency by President Joe Biden.

After her recent nomination, she has been headlining global media due to her almost unknown life background. 

Thus, the American public’s mixed criticization of her name, Omarova has gained notoriety at the moment.

Who Is Saule Omarova Husband Timur Han Uckun?

Saule Omarova’s husband, Timur Han Uckun is a scholar just like herself. He is reported to be working as an IT security and risk assurance executive at Cornell University, per Daily Mail UK.

She had not fully disclosed her private life including her family details that had put restrain on her reputation.

Now that little information is available about the newly nominated comptroller, the public may support the President’s decision.

It seems that both Omarova and her husband, Mr. Uckun are very considerate about their presence and their personal life information flow. Thus, they have been maintaining their privacy to date.

Meet Saule Omarova Children & Family

Saule Omarova is indeed a family woman though she has not talked much about her family life and her children. According to our reports, she and her husband, Mr. Uckun are parents to an adult son.

Meanwhile, the identity and current whereabouts of their son are not accessible at the moment.

Omarova’s family is of Kazakhstan ethnicity. She was ‘born in a yurt’ – a traditional tent in the Kazakhstan steppe of West Kazakhstan Region of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

As of today, she along with her both families are based in the U.S. where they are all settled with reputed careers.

Is She Really Chosen By Joe Biden For The Currency Comptroller Position?

Yes, Saule Omarova was indeed chosen by President Joe Biden to serve in the position of Currency Comptroller.

She has been termed as Biden’s new comrade and has been taking over the news for her new success in politics.

After she was nominated for the position in late September, Omarova has become the talk of the political world.

Is Saule Omarova  a communist?

Omarova is not a communist though she has been accused of being one given her upbringing in the Soviet regions.

Even so, she has not let such comments get into her new path of life and has been active in showcasing her potential for the position that she has been nominated for.

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