Where Is Shamima Begum Now? Learn Everything On Denaturalised British Born Woman

Where Is Shamima Begum Now? Learn Everything On Denaturalised British Born Woman

Where Is Shamima Begum Now? Get all the answers to your queries regarding the ISIL bride here below!

Shamima Begum is a denaturalized British-born ISIL member.

Her case of travelling to Syria to be an ISIL member had grabbed global attention back in 2015.

Begum became more of a figure of hatred of the British people in the upcoming years due to her support for ISIL’s actions.

As of 2021, she has again gained notoriety for her media appearance and her appeal to return to the UK.

Where Is Shamima Begum Now?

Shamima Begum is currently living in the al-Roj prison camp in Syria.

She was previously reported to have been living in a refugee camp back in 2019.

Begum has made her media appearance via an interview from the prison camp asking British people for forgiveness. She also revealed her wish to enter the UK and regain her British nationality.

However, the British netizens are rather furious about her past actions and are not willing to take her back in.

Meanwhile,  the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has once again barred Begum from entering the UK in Begum v Home Secretary.

Meet Shamima Begum Parents And Family

Shamima Begum was born to her Bangladeshi immigrant parents; father Ahmed Ali and her unnamed mother.

She was raised as a Muslim by her family that consists of her parents and her siblings.

Meanwhile, the complete identities and whereabouts of Shamima’s family are still into consideration.

When Begum has resurfaced in media in 2019 asking for her right to enter Britain, her father had apologised to the whole nation for his daughter’s actions.

As of today, the bond between Begum and her family has not been explained.

Get To Know Shamima Begum Husband And Children

Shamima Begum claims that she was married to her husband Yago Riedijk with whom she had three children.

Her husband is a natural Dutch who converted to Islam and joined ISIL. Begum had married Yago after 10 days of her arrival in Syria.

At the time of the marriage, Begum was just 15 years old thus, the marriage may not be legal in the Netherlands as she was underage.

All of her three children passed away very young and her youngest son was reported to be suffering from pneumonia.

Begum and her youngest son were found in a refugee camp in 2019 after which her son died due to a lung infection.

As of today, begum has not disclosed the position and whereabouts of her husband as she seems to be alone in Syria.