Shahnaz Begum & Mohammad Uddin: Shamima Begum Parents Age & Wiki

Shahnaz Begum & Mohammad Uddin: Shamima Begum Parents Age & Wiki

Shahnaz Begum (mother) and Mohammad Uddin (father) are the parents of Shamima Begum. She has apologized for her mistakes by leaving London in 2015 to join the Islamic State organization in Syria. Is she permitted to return to the United Kingdom?

Shahnaz Begum & Mohammad Uddin are the parents of  Shamima Begum. She is a denaturalized British-born lady who joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria at the age of 15.

Her decision to return to the United Kingdom in 2019 sparked a public discussion over the handling of returning extremists.

After that, her British citizenship was revoked by the British government in 2019. She would never be permitted to return, according to the document.

In like manner, Mohammad had also appealed for his daughter’s return, claiming that she was a child who had committed a mistake that she didn’t fully comprehend.

Shahnaz Begum & Mohammad Uddin: Shamima Begum Parents

Shamima Begum was born in England to her parents Shahnaz Begum (mother) & Mohammad Uddin (father). They are Bangladeshi citizens and immigrants.

Interestingly, she is the only child of her parents. Shahnaz was reared as a Muslim in the Bethnal Green neighborhood of Tower Hamlets, East London, by her extremely inspiring and loving parents.

Until 2007, when his father Mohammad relocated to Britain, she was primarily raised by her mother Shahnaz.

Unfortunately, Shahnaz died of cancer in January 2014. After her death, her husband Mohammad remarried another woman.

Following that,  Shamima started to live with her grandmother.

Where Are Shamima Begum Parents Now?

As of now, Shamima Begum’s parents Mohammad Uddin (father) and his other wife are residing in London. 

Shahnaz Begum & Mohammad Uddin Age & Wiki

Shahnaz Begum and Mohammad Uddin are both unknown in terms of their age. We don’t know how old Shahnaz was when she died.

Judging the physical appearance of Mohammad Uddin, his age seems to be around 60 to 65.

However, their daughter Sharemeena is 22 years old now. She married Yago Riedijk in 2015. She said in one of her interviews that she and her family escaped Raqqa, Syria in 2017 but her children, a daughter, and a son, however, both perished.

Then, she was discovered in a Syrian refugee camp in the middle of her pregnancy in 2019. In the same way, her youngest kid died in March 2019 from a long illness.

Shamima is now attempting to return to her motherland, England, on the 15th of September 2021 by apologizing for her mistakes. Instead, she mention she would rather die than return to ISIS.

She has attempted to file a formal appeal against the loss of her British citizenship, but the UK Supreme Court has refused to allow her to return to the country.