Who Is Shelby Tangorra? Age Wiki And Instagram – Is She Dominic Fike Girlfriend?

Who Is Shelby Tangorra? Age Wiki And Instagram – Is She Dominic Fike Girlfriend?

Shelby Tangorra is the ex-girlfriend of famous American singer Dominic Fike. Let find out more about her age, Wiki, and Instagram.

Shelby Tangorra is a Tiktok personality who has risen to fame after dating the young star Dominic.

This past adorable pair came into a relationship in November 2016, which woefully ended three years later.

Shelby is an alumnus of the Naples High School; Dominic also attended the same school.

Who Is Shelby Tangorra? How Old Is She?

Shelby Tangorra had been a Columbia Records stylist based in Los Angeles, who was even the video stylist of Dominic Fike’s hit pop song, ‘3 Nights.’

At present, she has her own business, Showings by Shelby LLC, a New York Domestic Limited-Liability Company, filed On July 8, 2021.

According to her Linkedin account, the company identifies potential issues, hazards, & inconsistencies in prospective rentals and educates renters of their rights.

Shelby and her ex-boyfriend, Dominic, look similar in age. As of 2021, he is 26 years old, and so could be Tangorra.

She celebrates her birthday every year on October 23.

Shelby Tangorra Wikipedia: Explore her bio

Shelby Tangorra is not available on the official coverage of Wikipedia. Let’s get to know about her so far, we know.

Like Dominic Fike, Shelby is also from Naples, Florida. She attended Naples High School.

Tangorra graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development from Florida State University in 2018.

She did an internship at Place Showroom in 2018 for three months aligning with her subject area.

After being in a relationship with Dominic, she collaborated with a co-stylist as a freelancer in wardrobe coordination for artist Dominic Fike’s “Rain or Shine” 2019 world tour.

Likewise, she was also a Dominic and Lyons Development freelance personal assistant for two years.

In 2020, Shelby was also the inside sales and showroom coordinator of Southwest Floor Design.

As of June 2021, she owns her own business, namely Showings by Shelby LLC.

Is Shelby Tangorra On Instagram?

Shelby Tangorra was previously on Instagram with a user name of @shelbytangorra.

When they were together, Shelby and Dominic shared lovely pictures of them, which were most admired by their fans.

After their split, she deleted her Instagram account reportedly. She even changed her Twitter account @telber23 to private, and recently has a new Facebook account.

Still, there are around 85 hashtags available of her name #shelbietangorra, and some photos of her with Dominic are also found posted priorly by Fike’s fan page on Instagram.

Is Shelby Still Dominic Fike’s Girlfriend In 2022?

Shelby Tangorre had a long split with Dominic Fike, and she is not his current girlfriend in 2022.

There are no records of them getting together for now.

After they broke up, Dominic started dating an actress based in New York named Diana Silvers, and they are still together in 2022.

It is said that the ‘Euphoria’ actor and Diana first commenced their conversation on Dms, and surprisingly she didn’t know about him at that time.

Dominic often talks about the influence of his new girlfriend on his music.

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Who Is Shelby Tangorra? Age Wiki And Instagram – Is She Dominic Fike Girlfriend?

Shelby Tangorra is the ex-girlfriend of famous American singer Dominic Fike. Let find out more about her age, Wiki, and...