Sonia Sotomayor Siblings: Brother & Family – Is Marianna Sotomayor Related To Sonia?

Sonia Sotomayor Siblings: Brother & Family – Is Marianna Sotomayor Related To Sonia?

Juan Sotomayor is the younger brother of American Associate Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Is she related to Marianna Sotomayor? Let us find out in the article below!

Sonia Sotomayor is an American Associate Judge.

Sotomayor is the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court. In January 2021, she swore in Kamala Harris as the Vice President of the United States. Harris is also the first woman, African-American, and Asian American Vice President.

Previously on May 26, 2009, she was nominated by President Barack Obama and has served since August 8, 2009. Further, she is the third woman to hold the position.

Sonia Sotomayor Siblings: Brother Juan Sotomayor

Talking about Sonia Sotomayor’s siblings, she has a younger brother named Juan Sotomayor. 

These two siblings have an age difference of three years. Sonia was born in 1954 which makes her 67 years old as of now. On the other, her brother, Juan was born in 1957 and is currently 64 years old. 

Sonia and her younger brother, Juan Sotomayor Jr., were born and raised in New York by their parents, Juan Sotomayor Sr and Celina Baez Sotomayor.

Additionally, their father, Juan Sotomayor was from the area of Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and mother Celina Báez was an orphan from the neighborhood of Santa Rosa in Lajas, a rural area in Puerto Rico’s southwest coast.

Sonia’s brother Juan had a third-grade education. He did not speak English, and worked as a tool and die, worker. However, he later became a physician and university professor in the Syracuse, New York, area.

No, it appears that Sonia does not seem to be related to Marianna Sotomayor in any way. 

There is no apparent connection between Sonia Sotomayor and Marianna Sotomayor. Marianna Sotomayor was born in Tampa, Florida to Dr. Eduardo Sotomayor, Dr. Maria Gavancho Sotomayor.

Also, Sonia Sotomayor is an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States whilst Marianna works as a reporter for The Washington Post.

Further, apart from the same surname, there’s no evidence that they are related.

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