Susan Hamilton Murder – Where Is Husband Dr John Hamilton Now? Obituary

Susan Hamilton Murder – Where Is Husband Dr John Hamilton Now? Obituary

John Hamilton killed his wife Susan on Valentine’s day 2001. Where is he now? Discover more about Susan Hamilton’s murder in this article.

John Hamilton, a brutal murderer of his wife, was one of the well-known obstetrician-gynecologists in Oklahoma City before murdering his wife in 2001. John Hamilton married Susan in 1987, and his wife began to work part-time at John’s clinic. 

They had been living a privileged life with their four children, where John was known for being a romantic man toward his wife in those days. In particular, he used to give his wife expensive gifts and luxury holidays. People used to think they were in deeply romantic love in those days. However, their fourteen years of marriage turned into the devastated murder of Susan. 

Oklahoma: Susan Hamilton Murder

John Hamilton was a lovable husband to his wife, and he used to take care of his wife very nicely. However, the black day came in their family, where it was Valentine’s day 2001 when he claimed that Susan was in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. In particular, Susan got tangled with neckties, where her head had smashed badly. 

However, the investigation proved that the murder was himself, John Hamilton. Many people came on the side of John Hamilton at that time. Looking at all the circumstances, he had faced charges of murdering his wife. He was found guilty of first-degree murder after two hours of jury discussion. 

Where Is Husband Dr. John Hamilton Now?

John Hamilton had been in prison on the charges of murdering his wife since 2001. In particular, he got sentenced to life in prison, where he made deprived of getting a chance of parole. Further, he requested a retrial in past years, which got denied each time.

On the other hand, his supporters have considered him innocent even at the current date. According to the investigation: he was the man behind the murder of his wife. 

Obituary: Dr. John Hamilton Death Cause-What Happened To Him?

John Hamilton killed his wife after 14 years of their marriage. According to a different source, he served in prison as of Valentine’s Day 2021. Many people have been searching for his date cause on the internet. Tracking down information from a different source, he died in October 2021. 

However, there has no valid evidence of him being dead. On the other hand, there are some obituaries on the internet on his name. 

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