Who Is Tayler Ryan? Everything On Her Recent Nightout With Wayne Rooney

Who Is Tayler Ryan? Everything On Her Recent Nightout With Wayne Rooney

Tayler Ryan is a young model who, along with two of her friends, has been identified as the lady seen in viral photos with ex-England striker Wayne Rooney. Let us learn more about her.

Tayler Ryan is an English model, a TikToker as well a Youtube fashion vlogger.

The former Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney was pictured in a hotel room with three half-naked women. One of them was Snapchat model Tayler Ryan.

On top of this, police were reportedly contacted over the image with Rooney that went viral on Twitter.

Tayler Ryan Age: How Old Is She?

The young Tayler Ryan’s present age is 21 years old.

Her birth date and zodiac sign are not accessible on the web yet. 

Tayler Ryan Wiki Bio

Tayler Ryan’s bio is not recorded on Wikipedia’s true page.

However, we can find her on a few different websites.

When it comes to her education, there isn’t much to share.

Judging her young age, she may still be enrolled in college. But, the identity of the institution and the topic in which she majored remain unknown.

Moreover, the Snapchat model is believed to be from Cumbria. 

Tayler Ryan Job

When it comes to Tayler Ryan’s profession, she is recognized as a Snapchat model.

Furthermore, based on her Instagram bio, she appears to be active on TikTok and YouTube.

Who Is Tayler Ryan Boyfriend?

There is no mention of Tayler Ryan’s boyfriend as of yet.

We may presume she is single at the time because her social media profiles are private and don’t reveal anything.

She is available on her Instagram handle under the user name @_taayler.

She has around 13.3k followers on the platform.

Tayler Ryan & Wayne Rooney Pics

Tayler Ryan is one of the three scantily clad women who took photos with Wayne Rooney in a hotel room.

However, Rooney is said to have slept asleep and had no idea the hotel photos were being shot.

He is shown sitting straight on a hotel room chair, his hands in his pockets.

Likewise, there is no evidence that Rooney did anything improper, and the girls informed The Sun that no sexual contact occurred.