Thomas Lane Wife & Family: Is He Still Married? Ethnicity Explored

Thomas Lane Wife & Family: Is He Still Married? Ethnicity Explored

Who is Thomas Lane wife? The former police officer is married and remains a loyal husband, even in prison.

Thomas Lane is an ex-police officer charged with George Floyd’s murder. 

Lane was fired on May 26, the day after George’s Floyd was killed in police custody. As a matter of fact, he was one of the four officers who were there when Floyd was killed. 

Since then, he has been charged for aiding and encouraging second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Reportedly, 38-years-old, Lane before hiring as a Minneapolis police officer, collected a laundry list of criminal charges and traffic citations.

Previously, he had also worked as a server and bartender at different restaurants and was a sales associate at Home Depot, according to his police job application.

He was only a week into his full-time career when his training officer was filmed kneeling on Floyd’s neck nearly nine minutes as he begged for help. 

According to Lane’s lawyer, Lane expressed concern about his training officer handling Floyd’s arrest. His lawyer added he is a man of compassion and not a violent person. 

In addition, Former Cop Thomas Lane along with three other suspects had a trial on Tuesday, September 14 where All four men pleaded not guilty. Further, their upcoming trial is to be held on March 2022. 

Thomas Lane Wife

Thomas Lane is a married man but details about his wife remain confidential for now.

He got married in 2018 and was a loyal husband. Back when he was released on bail back in June 2021, Thomas Lane spent the few days of his freedom with his wife and family.

At the moment, precise info on his wife and other family members, including parents and children, is not disclosed.

Thomas Lane Ethnicity & Race: Is He A White Supremacist?

Thomas Lane belongs to the white ethnicity. 

While Lane never hailed white supremacism, his actions don’t show him as an ally of the African-American community.

Apparently, he was the one to hold Floyd’s leg, who was a black man. Hence, this led to worldwide protests against police brutality, racism, and lack of police accountability. 

Moreover, Thomas holds American nationality as he hails from New Brighton, US. 

As per his lawyer, he is a man of compassion. He did express his concern about his training officer handling Floyd’s murder.