Tim Rosaforte Health Update And Illness: Disease And Cause Of Death Revealed

Tim Rosaforte Health Update And Illness: Disease And Cause Of Death Revealed

66-year-old golf journalist Tim Rosaforte died Tuesday in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Learn about the reason behind his death. 

Born on 24 October 1955 in Mount Kisco, New York, Tim Rosaforte was an announcer on the Golf Channel and NBC Sport before hugging death. 

He initiated his baby steps towards sports journalism at the Sunshine Network in the 1990s, and later in 2003, moved on to PGA Tour Sunday for USA Network.

Since then, he went on with Golf Channel and covered 147 prime championships throughout his career. 

Surely, Golf Channel lost an irreplaceable asset as the channel would not be the same after the demise of it’s best commentator. 

Tim Rosaforte Health Update And Illness

Tim Rosaforte battled Alzheimer’s disease for two years. The illness became so severe all of a sudden that he had to end his career in 2019.

His death has let everyone remember his cheerfulness and unending energy. 

Jim Nantz sportscaster and his bosom friend, talking about his Alzheimer’s said, “Tim’s mind was razor-sharp for so long and then, all of a sudden he was lost,”

A graduate from The University of Bridgeport received many awards during his career. He became an honorary member of the PGA of America and received the Memorial Golf Journalism Award.

What Disease Did He Suffer From? 

Remembering the heart-wrenching moment of Tim’s death, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said, “It’s the untold story of Alzheimer’s. There are more people whose lives are changed almost overnight than just the one who is suffering from the disease,”

He went on by saying, “A true professional, Tim always treated our organization and our athletes fairly, writing and speaking with opinion but without an agenda. He never stopped working the phones, ensuring that he not only got the story first, but he also got the story right.

“Those phone calls and Tim’s gentle spirit will be missed tremendously by all of us lucky enough to be a part of the greater golf community,” he added.

Cause Of Death

Tim’s death is circulating on the Internet like a wildfire. Now, we can see how many people loved him and are touched by his death. 

NBA superstar Chris Paul tweeted, “Since 2009 second to only Bball, I’ve watched more golf than anything…prayers to Tim Rosaforte’s family”.

“Although I’d never met him I listened to and watched him all the time. Was always full of energy and kept me engaged as a fan of golf!!”

The lives he had touched and the influential nature he carried are all over the web now.