Who Are Tink And King On TikTok? Twitter Couple Age & Instagram

Who Are Tink And King On TikTok? Twitter Couple Age & Instagram

Tink and King have taken the internet by storm, gaining a massive audience in such a short time. The following article will tell you more about the TikTok couple.

Tink and King, also known as “That Viral Couple,” are a couple who makes entertaining video content on TikTok.

The duo began uploading content on TikTok just about a month ago and has become an instant hit. 

Who Are Tink And King On TikTok? 

Tink And King is a TikTok account run by a couple that is currently gaining a lot of attention. 

Initially, the first clip posted on this account got incredibly popular, garnering thousands of views in a short period. 

The couple’s first video was uploaded on December 8, 2021. Since then, More than thirty videos have been uploaded to the account, garnering millions of views and thousands of likes.

@tinkandking The Vibez In My House 😂 #couplesoftiktok #viral #foru #blacklove #blackgirl #hilarious #allfun #MakeABunchHappen ♬ original sound – Rashad Cashin

Tink and King’s content is largely focusing on Tink rather than King, though King does put in more effort off camera. 

Similarly, the pair creates the vast bulk of their content at home. Nonetheless, they have made some in supermarkets and other locations.

Twitter Couple: What Is Tink And King Age? 

The exact age of viral Twitter and Tiktok couple Tink and King are unknown. However, based on their appearance, they seem to be in their early 30s.

Tink and King are obviously in love, but their ongoing relationship is uncertain. They haven’t stated if they are married or are simply a committed relationship.

@tinkandking Nosey Nieghbors lol #allfun #fyp #blackgirl #blacktiktok #viral #MakeABunchHappen ♬ original sound – That Viral Couple

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the couple is incredibly skilled. Also, the pair are not afraid to compliment each other’s abilities and accept each other’s flaws.

Tink and King reside in the United States, as demonstrated by their TikTok housing video. However, it is unspecified where they are actually from.

Meet Tink And King On Instagram 

Tink And King were not on Instagram, but we did discover them on Twitter

Tink and King appear to be more focused on making video content at the moment, as they are more active on TikTok than other social media networks. 


Talk to Her 😡

♬ original sound – FunnyAssChanteChanteChante

Based on the couple’s Twitter bio, we can confirm that they sell content for a living. They are also available for shows, but you need to dm them and enquire about it.

Please keep in mind, though, that Tink And King’s videos are made for adults. The videos focus on appealing to couples. So, children under the age of 18 should avoid them.

What Is Tink And King Real Name? 

The real name of Tink And King still remains a mystery. 

Not only is their name unknown, but so are the majority of their personal affairs, as they have not divulged anything about them. 

However, given the fact that Tink and King are becoming increasingly popular and garnering millions of viewers, we are confident that they will soon do an interview and clarify everything up.