Who Is Tricia Roberts? Meet Dave Roberts Wife On Instagram – Age & Wiki

Who Is Tricia Roberts? Meet Dave Roberts  Wife On Instagram – Age & Wiki

Tricia Roberts is a designer from the United States. Tricia Roberts Design and Red Stitch Wine Group are two of her most well-known projects. Let us get to know more about the celebrity spouse, her husband, and her family background.

Tricia Roberts is the gorgeous wife of Dave Roberts, a former MLB player who is now a manager. The couple has been married for 20 years. 

Tricia’s long-time husband is the Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager.

Dave was born in Japan on May 31, 1972, and played in the major leagues for ten years before being elected the first manager of Asian heritage in 2016.

Learn about Tricia Roberts And Her Children

Tricia Roberts, Dave Roberts’ wife, met him in high school and began dating him soon after. Tricia Lynn Schempp was born in the month of December 1972.

The celebrity spouse was born and raised in Vista, California. She has lived in the state her entire life.

In 1997, the couple tied the knot. Tricia earned a qualified Sommelier after completing a lengthy and difficult curriculum.

The couple is parents to two children. Cole and Emmerson are the names of Tricia’s two sons.

She then began her own interior design firm. Dave and Tricia are both wine lovers, and they visited Napa Valley for the first time in 2002.

They’re also co-owners of a vineyard in Southern California that they co-own with friends. 

Tricia Roberts Wikipedia And Age

Tracia Roberts’ name has not yet been added to the Wikipedia page, although her husband is a successful player and the manager who was able to add his name. Due to her rising popularity, she is expected to list her name on the wiki soon.

Dave Roberts’ wife’s interior design firm has a great website. Interior design appears to be a difficult sector to break into because your only qualifications are your personal taste and style. As a result, Tricia mentions years spent decorating the homes of friends and family to polish her skills.

Tricia is a big fan of pillows. Maybe she could add pillowy to her list of favorite words, since pillows are, after all, synonymous with comfort. She also gave a few links to some magazines that had published articles about her work.

Tricia Roberts Instagram And Net Worth

Tricia Roberts seems to be out of Instagram or any sort of social media because she enjoys her life private.

Her net worth is reported to be in the range of $1-5 million, whereas her 47-year-old husband has worked in a variety of fields and acquired a net worth of $10 million.