What Does KLM Mean In Urban Dictionary? The New TikTok Slang Explained

What Does KLM Mean In Urban Dictionary? The New TikTok Slang Explained

KLM means Calm as slang on social media sites, and it has been making rounds on TikTok. Find out more about the TikTok slang below.

KLM is a TikTok trend that has recently taken over TikTok. The hashtag #klm has been gaining nearly 200 million views as of now.

As of 2021, KLM has resorted to a different meaning on TikTok, while the previous meaning also stays intact. Social media surely gives a different notion and meaning to almost anything; this time, it’s the meaning of KLM.

What Does KLM Mean In Urban Dictionary?

KLM means the slang and short form of ‘calm’ in Urban Dictionary. The shortened version of the word ‘calm’ hyped up TikTok recently, but the slang has been around for almost a decade on other social media platforms.


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♬ Sigue al original xd – Erik Jose

KLM started during the 2010s when Snapchat users began using it to denote that they are fine. Unlike the real meaning of calm, soothing, tranquil, or an absence of intense emotion, netizens used the word to reply that they are fine.

What Does KLM Mean On TikTok?

KLM has taken over TikTok as of recently though its meaning is little changed as of currently. TikTok’s KLM means the abbreviation of “Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V” or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

KLM is an airline company that has got in a business feud with another airline company, Ryanair. KLM recently received a €3.4 billion support relief package commission from the European Commission in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Meanwhile, Raynair decided to sue KLM as they said that the commission is” unfair, illegal and distorts the market.” Raynair is a relatively small company in comparison to KLM.

Is KLM A Slang?

KLM’s social media version of saying ‘calm’ is indeed slang. Though it seems that the real reason for KLM on TikTok as of now is not slang but a short form of the airlines.

It is not known when will the legal battles between KLM and Raynair will settle down.

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