What Happened To Brianna Ruffalo? Age & Instagram: Did She Undergo Surgery?

What Happened To Brianna Ruffalo? Age & Instagram: Did She Undergo Surgery?

What happened to Brianna Ruffalo? This article covers everything that we know about the ABC7 meteorologist.

Brianna Ruffalo is an Emmy award-nominated news personality who currently works as the ABC7 Los Angeles Meteorologist.

Before joining the network in 2017, she was a Special Projects producer at KTLA in Los Angeles. 

What Happened To Brianna Ruffalo? Did She Undergo Surgery?

Brianna Ruffalo underwent foot surgery on 4 November 2021.

She mentioned it on her official Instagram account. After the surgery, she wrote that the sesamoid excision went well, and she didn’t feel pain in the first 24 hours due to nerve block, but as it wore off, it got painful enough to hinder her sleep.

Brianna’s feet broke in late January of this year, which she announced on 9 February, saying it had been painful and bizarre.

At first, one sesamoid bone broke on one foot, and the same happened on the other a few weeks later. However, she didn’t get any major trauma or injury. Nonetheless, she felt like walking on rocks, combined with swelling/throbbing.

At that time, the journalist didn’t know the reason for the injury. Nevertheless, she provided some occasional updates on it in the following months. On the 9th of November, she wrote that her bones didn’t heal. She also added the diagnosis of the multiple doctors that they wouldn’t heal, and the only way to fix it was to take the entire bone out and shell out all the broken fragments. Avascular necrosis followed the breaks, which led to this scenario. 

She further mentioned that the injury was physically and mentally exhausting but is excited about the recovery.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Ruffalo again updated the news on her feet. This time though, it wasn’t about some diagnosis or something, but her thankfulness for receiving a knee scooter. She did say that the pain got a bit better and would get stitches and hopefully that hard cast out on Monday.

Brianna Ruffalo Age And Instagram

Regarding Brianna Ruffalo’s age, she is 30 years old.

She was born on 10 May 1991 in Los Angeles County, California. The identities of her parents remain unknown. Nonetheless, we know that her father is a Los Angeles Police Department officer. As for her mother, she remains anonymous.

Brianna is a verified user of the social media platform Instagram. She goes by the alias @abc7briannaruffalo and has 39.2 thousand followers. Under her Instagram bio, she writes that she is Italian-Greek and the mama of her dog, Yorkie.