What happened to Rebecca Wisocky, Where Is Hetty Woodstone on ‘Ghosts’ Now?

What happened to Rebecca Wisocky, Where Is Hetty Woodstone on ‘Ghosts’ Now?

What happened to Rebecca Wisocky? The actress was missing from several episodes in Season 1 of ‘Ghosts,’ and fans were aware of her absence. Where is Hetty on ‘Ghosts’ now?

Rebecca Wisocky is an actress who has appeared in films, television shows, and on stage in the United States. She is most known for her appearances in the ‘Devious Maids‘ comedy-drama series on Lifetime.

Most recently, she has seen in the highly praised British sitcom ‘Ghosts.‘ It first aired on the BBC three years before it was adapted for the American market by CBS.

The first season premiered in October, introducing viewers to the tenants of the Woodstone Mansion, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) and Samantha (Rose Mclver), as well as the mysterious entities who reside there.

After the series premiere, Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty Woodstone) soon became a fan favorite.

However, in Season 1, though, she was absent from a lot of episodes, and viewers were aware of her absence. So, what happened to Hetty on Ghosts, and where is she now?

What happened to Rebecca Wisocky? 

In Season 1 of ‘Ghosts,’ actress Rebecca Wisocky was noticeably absent from many episodes, and fans were aware of her absence.

It’s almost hard to kill Hetty since she travels among the dead. Sam’s great-great-great-grandmother Hetty is the original owner of the home. Viewers quickly saw that the lady isn’t scared to express herself.

Since the beginning of the series, Hetty has developed a relationship with Jay and Sam, who inherited the manor after her Aunt Sophie died. 

Hetty has been stranded at the Woodstone estate for hundreds of years, like her sadly deceased contemporaries. We don’t know much about Hetty’s history or how she died so far, but we’ll undoubtedly discover more about the robber baron’s wife as Season 1 goes.

Where Is Hetty Woodstone on ‘Ghosts’ Now?

The showrunners have yet to explain why she hasn’t appeared in recent episodes of ‘Ghosts. 

Just as fans were beginning to wonder who will portray Hetty on ‘Ghosts,’ actress Rebecca Wisocky confirmed that she would be returning to the show on November 25 after a brief break.

Despite her absence, she expressed gratitude to fans and encouraged them to watch Thursday’s broadcast. ‘Thank you very much for your concern regarding Hetty, everyone!’ Rebecca expressed herself on Twitter.