CNN: What Happened To Steve Cortes? Fired News And New Job Update

CNN: What Happened To Steve Cortes? Fired News And New Job Update

What happened to Steve Cortes? CNN was ridiculed after announcing a new group committed to ‘covering misinformation.’

On Tuesday, CNN was torn online after a top supervisor for the left-inclining network declared the formation of an exceptional CNN group committed to ‘covering misinformation.’

The CNN Business Managing Editor Alex Koppelman presented on Twitter that he is recruiting three individuals for another CNN group committed to covering falsehood.

Regarding his tweet, many journalists gave their own perceptions related to Alex Koppelman’s Twitter post. 

CNN: What Happened To Steve Cortes?

Regarding the controversial tweet from Alex Koppelman, political analyst Steve Cortes composed,” May I propose they start with Charlottesville #FinePeopleHoax, abominable backbiting that CNN has engendered for years…”

Amid this, Steve Cortes is an American market tactician, TV telecaster, and public speaker. Similarly, he is also a former Trump Hispanic advisory board president and CNN political analyst. 

As of now, he hosts the Steve Cortes show on his podcast, on AM 560 The Answer. Besides, Cortes is additionally a live staff broadcaster at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox. 

Cortes likewise heads Rise Strategies, a media informing and public issues organization. 

Steve Cortes Fired News And New Job Update

As of now, there is no such news amid Steve Cortes being fired or having a new job. However, he did mention in his tweet about his departure from broadcasting for CNN.

In the following tweet, Steve stated his pronouncement of their job is spreading that fantasy drove, indeed, to his takeoff from broadcasting for CNN. 

After graduating from university, Cortes started his career with Prudent Financial Inc, where he sold government bonds. Later, he began reading independently and founded VeraCruz LLC in the year 2002. 

The company, however, focused on providing real-time market research services for national as well as international customers. 

Where Is Steve Cortes Now?

Just four hours as of now, Steve Cortes tweeted a tweet where he posted a picture of an evening viewed sunset, with a caption: “sunset over the mountains.” 

Being a market strategist and founder of Veracruz LLC, Steve Cortes has been featured frequently on finance and business shows, including The Halftime Report. 

Likewise, he is also well-known for being the “Latino Face” of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

Currently, the money-smart, straight-talking businessman is residing in Chicago with his beautiful and four children. But the details surrounding their names and identity are still unknown. 

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Last Modified: January 20, 2022

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