What Is Roger Mcnamee Net Worth? Everything About The Early Facebook Investor

What Is Roger Mcnamee Net Worth? Everything About The Early Facebook Investor

Roger Mcnamee Net Worth: How Rich Is The Early facebook Investor In 2021? Find out all the answers to your questions here below!

Roger Mcnamee is an American businessman, investor, venture capitalist, and musician. He is the founding partner of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners. 

As of recently, he has gained headlines due to his statement on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp’s recent shutdown of more than 6 hours on October 4. 

With Mark Zuckerberg losing more than $6 billion dollars on that day, he and his companies have received a lot of backlash including the veteran Mcnamee’s.

Roger Mcnamee Net Worth: How Rich Is The Early Facebook Investor In 2021?

Roger Mcnamee’s estimated net worth is revealed to be more than $1 billion in 2021 considering his richness came from being an early Facebook investor.

Moreover, due to his works as a veteran investor, he has been successful in acquiring a massive net worth.

As an experienced person in the field of finance, it is not surprising that Mcnamee holds such an amount of personal value.

Learn More About Roger Mcnamee

Roger Mcnamee is also a touring musician. Aside from his capitalist career, he is also a fun musician and has traveled around the world for his music tours.

He was one of the first founding members of the Flying Other Brothers and more recently in that group’s follow-on band, Moonalice. He has done more than 1000 shows in his musical career.

He performed with the Flying Other Brothers from 1997 to 2006.

In 2014 he formed a duo with Jason Crosby called the Doobie Decibel System. Another musical band, The Doobie Brothers sued the band over the name in 2015.

Even so, Roger has remained an active musician with his partner.

Follow Roger Mcnamee On Twitter

Roger Mcnamee can be traced down on Twitter under the username @Moonalice where he has acquired more than 82k followers as of today.

Most of his posts are related to his professional life and does not involve any personal life deets. His recent interview on Facebook’s security policies has bombarded most of the social media platforms including Twitter.

In addition to this, his 2019 book “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe” has also become one of the headlines as of recently.