Who Are Tyler, Michaela and Maegan Pickett? Jay Pickett Children: Family Names

Who Are Tyler, Michaela and Maegan Pickett? Jay Pickett Children: Family Names

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett are the three children of the ‘General Hospital’ star Jay Pickett. Get to know the Pickett children a little closer here.

Tyler is the only son of the late actor, Jay Pickett, while Michaela and Maegan Pickett are the actor’s two daughters. They are the surviving members of the Pickett family, along with their mother.

As of today, the Pickett children have unexpectedly lost their father, Jay Pickett, on a film set. The news of Jay’s death has spread like wildfire while the actual cause of death is still into consideration.

Who Are Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett? Meet Jay Pickett Children

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett are the children of the late actor Jay Pickett and his wife, Elena Bates. Meagan is the eldest child of the family, followed by Michaela and Tyler.

Michaela is a professional dancer, having trained in ballet from the Los Angeles Ballet Academy (then Theatrics Dance Academy) in Van Nuys, California. 

She is also a graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance Major and Nutrition Minor. Meanwhile, her elder sister Maegan’s whereabouts are still under review.

Tyler, the youngest child of the Pickett family, is still in school and plays football for his school’s team.

He attends Crespi Carmelite High School, according to our sources.

The three children share a friendly bond and often accompany each other in their life ventures.

The two sisters had attended Tyler’s football matches, according to Michaela’s Instagram posts.

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett Family Names Revealed

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett have been bestowed their own family names at their birth.

Tyler’s full name is Tyler Richard Pickett, while Michaela is also known as Michaela Marie Pickett.

However, the elder sister Maegan’s family name has not been disclosed to the public as of yet.

Similarly, the children’s mother, Elena Bates, is also known as Elena Pickett since her marriage with the late actor in 1986.

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett Age Difference Explained

Tyler, Michaela, and Maegan Pickett, the Pickett children’s exact age difference, are not on display.

It is reported that Maegan and Michaela do not share much age difference as they are both in their 20s.

On the other hand, Tyle is still in his teens as he is still attending high school. It seems that their parents Jay and Elena gave birth to Tyler, their youngest child, a little later in life.