Who is Alexander Tredway? Bright Beginnings Jefferson Ga Arrest, What Is Sodomy?

Who is Alexander Tredway? Bright Beginnings Jefferson Ga Arrest, What Is Sodomy?

Who is Alexander Tredway? An employee of Jefferson’s daycare center was arrested on child molestation charges. Continue reading to learn more. 

On January 13, an employee of Jefferson daycare center was arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and sodomy. 

Alexander Tredway, an employee at the Brights Beginnings Pre-School, has been detained by the Jefferson Police Department after molesting and conducting improper acts on the minors. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the case. 

Arrested: Who is Alexander Tredway?

An 18-year-old Alexander Tredway has been arrested with child molestation charges that involved the minors of Bright Beginnings Pre-School art Jefferson, GA.

He was charged with two counts of child molestation, sodomy, and two counts of cruelty to children that involved two victims, as per the Jefferson Police Department. 

Reportedly, it is claimed that Tredway has been assaulting, molesting, and traumatically hitting the young and naive children at the institute. 

In addition to the JPD, the investigation was assisted by the Tree House Institute and Jackson County DFACS, and, as a result of the investigation; he was claimed to be guilty of the crime. 

Bright Beginnings Jefferson Ga Alexander Tredway’s Sodomy Charges

Bright Beginnings Jefferson GA Alexander Tredway has been accused of sodomy charges with additional four other charges. Sodomy, however, means a*al or oral s*x between people. 

It is stated that Tredway has been arrested after the research that was conducted by the school department and police authorities. 

Furthermore, Alexander has been sentenced to prison awaiting a court hearing. 

Explore Alexander Tredway Religion And Ethnicity

The details surrounding Alexander Tredway’s religion and ethnicity couldn’t be fetched at the moment of writing.

Every detail about his personal life has been kept hidden from the public media, due to privacy matters, as the investigation continues. 

A Look At Alexander Tredway Wife And Family 

We assume Alexander Tredway is not married and doesn’t have a wife, as he is just 18 years old. He does, however, might have a girlfriend before being arrested. 

Similarly, nothing much about his family, just as his parents could be known as of now, as any data surrounding his personal life hasn’t been disclosed on the media yet. 

However, it is believed that his family might be residing in Jefferson, GA.

We will indeed update the article if any verifiable news about his personal life is made available.