Who Is Andrew French? Ella French Brother Age – Meet Police Officer Siblings

Who Is Andrew French? Ella French Brother Age – Meet Police Officer Siblings

Andrew French is the brother of the deceased Chicago officer, Ella French. For further investigation, keep reading the article.

Andrew French is a war veteran who has been in the Iraq war, a protracted armed conflict, from 2003 to 2011.

Recently, he has been trending on the internet as his sister Ella French was shot to death during a traffic stop in the West Englewood neighborhood. 

Ella is the first police officer to be shot to death after Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office.

Who Is Andrew French? How Old Is He?

Andrew French is the adopted brother of Ella French, a now-deceased Chicago police officer.

He is a military veteran, to be precise, someone who has fought in the Iraq war. Although a respectable citizen of the United States, information regarding his educational qualifications are not known. The same is the case for his military background including, his rank, division, and years of service.

Probably the reason why Andrew’s pieces of information are classified is due to his responsible status. 

Further, his age seems to be 25 to 35 years. Apparently, he is yet to disclose his official birthdate to the public. However, we do know that his sister, Ella was 29 at the time of her death.

Andrew French Wife And Family

Andrew French is yet to disclose any information regarding his wife. Either he is married or not is not known.

In his family, he has revealed that there is his mother. He also had an adopted sister, Ella French. Although the identity of his mother is not yet revealed to the general public, we do know that his mother adopted both of them and taught them the importance of kindness. 

As for other family members, he hasn’t talked much about them. 

But, he has surely revealed that his sibling Ella was a person of integrity and was the owner of some attributes that weren’t anymore in the current world. 

Talking about Ella, she joined the Chicago Community Safety Team in 2018. Before her death, she had only joined the team after giving birth to her daughter. After her death, Mayor Lori paid a tribute with a day of mourning and calling all the flags to be flown at half staff.

There were three suspects, and all of them are in custody but yet to be identified.

Andrew French Net Worth

Andrew French is yet to talk anything about his net worth to the public.

However, considering his faithful services to his country, his net worth should be quite decent.

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