Who Is Anthony Lindsey Wife? Was He Ever Married To His Baby Mamma Nina Maire?

Who Is Anthony Lindsey Wife? Was He Ever Married To His Baby Mamma Nina Maire?

Is Anthony Lindsey’s baby mamma, Nina Maire, his wife? Are entrepreneur Anthony Lindsey and his baby mamma Nina Maire married? Let us explore their relationship status and allegations against each other.  

Anthony Lindsey is most popularly known as an entrepreneur. He is also known to be in a relationship with his baby mamma Nina Maire.

In fact, they both have been receiving a lot of media attention after Anthony’s baby mamma Nina cheated on him with his best friend, Ryan.

People have been confused about who is really to blame for all of the fuss related to the couple.

In the upcoming sections below, we will reveal their relationship status and have a deeper look into the facts related to the allegations.

Anthony Lindsey Wife: Was He Married To His Baby Mamma Nina Maire?

Entrepreneur Anthony Lindsey is not married to his baby mamma Nina Maire; thus, Nina was not his wife as of 2021.

However, they started dating each other a long time ago. But despite being in a relationship, they had a lot of ups and downs throughout their love life.

In fact, Nina claimed in an interview that Anthony abandoned her when she was pregnant with his kid. But when she was almost nine months pregnant, she welcomed him back into her life.

Following their on-again-off-again relationship, they welcomed their child. However, things between them did not work out.

In fact, Nina added that Anthony was responsible for her complete emotional as well as mental breakdown. 

On the other hand, Anthony denied all of these allegations stating that he was actually the victim of Nina.

In the following section, additional information regarding their allegations will be explained in detail.

Anthony Lindsey And Nina Maire: Allegations Explained 

Both Anthony Lindsey and his baby mama Nina Maire have made allegations against each other.

Additionally, Anthony has been blamed for domestic violence and physical abuse by Nina. 

On the other hand, Nina has been blamed for cheating as well as showing abusive behavior. 

Nina Marie is also the lady that started Ryan Henry’s feud with his closest mate Anthony.

In reality, during an Instagram Live on Sunday, October 18, Nina admitted to having sex behind Anthony’s back with his closest friend Ryan, but she blamed it on her partner’s alleged abuse.

However, as previously stated, Anthony rejects any claims of domestic abuse and instead blames her for arguing with him and behaving treacherously.