Who Is Caio Giovani? Everything To Know About ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Cast

Who Is Caio Giovani? Everything To Know About ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Cast

Caio Giovani is one of the hottest contestants on the “Too Hot To Handle Brazil” series on Netflix. Here’s everything we known about him.

Caio Giovani is a Brazilian actor, singer, and dancer. He is currently competing in the first season of “Too Hot To Handle Brazil,” a dating competition show for the prize money of R$500,000.

Caio has turned the media attention towards him as soon as he was announced as one of the casts of the show. The show’s first four episodes have been released on Netflix as of July 21.

Who Is Caio Giovani? 

Caio Giovani is a young talent from Rio de Janeiro hoping to win the heavy money prize from the show. Along with other contestants, he will try to refrain from sexual activities along with kissing against the odds of the show’s setting.

He has yet to deliver his complete introduction; however, he is definitely one of the sexiest men on the show.

Caio Giovani Age and Bio Explored

Caio Giovani is currently 29 years old in age according to Newsweek. He was born in 1992 and celebrates his birthday on July 15 every year.

Caio Giovani’s official bio has not been published on the web as of now. He mostly releases his music via internet platforms, including YouTube.

Hence, there is very little information on his background though his works in modeling and music are present on the web. It seems there is some time to learn fully about him since this is his TV debut.

Caio Giovani Job and Net Worth Revealed

Caio Giovani works a job as a freelance artist in the biz industry and has earned enough net worth to support his lavish life.

However, we have yet to obtain his exact net worth statistics as of now.

Follow Caio Giovani On Instagram

Caio Giovani is active on Instagram, with nearly 34k adherents on his profile. Meanwhile, he has yet to receive a verified badge on the side of his handle.

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