Who Is Ellen Renee On TikTok? Whitney Houston Is Still Alive Trending After A Look Alike Spotted

Who Is Ellen Renee On TikTok? Whitney Houston Is Still Alive Trending After A Look Alike Spotted

Ellen Renee is the Tiktok star who look-alike Whitney Houston. Is Whitney Houston still alive? Let’s explore more about Tiktok star.

Ellen Renee is one of the rising Tiktok stars who has been loved by most people because of her appearance.

She has been active on the Tiktok since March 25, 2020, with her first video where she has displayed her profile pictures.

Ellen was noticed as a Whitney Houston on her tenth video, which was uploaded on December 17, 2020. Since then, she kept receiving comments from her followers where they used to suggest her for bringing videos on Whitney songs.

Gradually, people began to follow her on Tiktok because of her outstanding performance on the Whitney songs, where she looked like Whitney Houston.

TikTok: Who Is Ellen Renee? Whitney Houston Is Still Alive?

Ellen Renee is the Tiktok star who resembles Whitey Houston in her appearance. She became very famous for doing Tiktok on Whitney Houston songs. Whitney is no more among us as she died because of heart disease. 

Ellen is a completely different person from famous singer Whitney Houston, where she look-alike Whitney.

Whitney was one of the most prominent singers and actors during her era. She was the most lovable singer among the public, and people still admire her because of her unique persona and singing style. 

She was born on August 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, and died at the age of 48 years on February 11, 2012.

Ellen Renee Fan’s Reaction On Her Tiktok Videos

Ellen Renee amazed her fans because of her appearance and lipsync, which reflect Whitney.

People went crazy and kept commenting on her with beautiful messages when they found her doing Tiktok.

In particular, she gained huge attention when she did lipsync on the song titled ‘Better Love’ by Luther Vandross on October 17, 2021. From there, she got more than 25.6k likes and over 3500 comments from her fans.

Following that, she began to make more videos on Whitney’s songs because she kept receiving comments from her fans where they usually mentioned her to do videos on Whitney’s songs.

@ellerenee0 #luthervandross #sundayvibes #beblessed ♬ Better Love – Luther Vandross

Meet Ellen Renee On Instagram

Ellen Renee is not available on her Instagram account, but she is active on her Tiktok account as @ellerenee0.

She has gained more than 32.1k followers with 260 videos, where she has gained more than 197.1k likes.

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