Who Is Joey Barton Brother Michael Barton? Where Is Anthony Walker Murderer?

Who Is Joey Barton Brother Michael Barton? Where Is Anthony Walker Murderer?

Joey Barton’s brother Michael Barton is a murderer who killed a black British student, Anthony Walker. In this article, we will learn more about him.

Michael Barton is a murderer who along with his cousin Paul Taylor brutally killed an 18 years old Anthony Walker by hitting him in the head with a mountaineering axe.

Interestingly, we can discover the murder of Anthony’s case on Wikipedia‘s official page.

Joey Barton Brother: Michael Barton 

Michael Barton is the younger brother of former footballer Joey Barton. He grew up in Merseyside.

Michael is a murderer. His cousin was with him on the evening of Anothony Walker’s murder.

The two shouted racist abuse at Walker as he was waiting at the bus stop with his girlfriend Louis Thompson and his cousin Marcus Binns on July 29, 2005.

After the three walked on and ignored the yelling.

However, Barton and Taylor chose to follow and attack them in a nearby park. Thompson and Binns managed to escape the attack, but Walker was caught and was brutally killed.

Michael Barton Age And Bio

According to Wikipedia, Michael Barton’s age was just 17 years old when he committed a crime in 2005.

Based on current calculations, he must be 33 years old.

Likewise, his crime partner Paul Taylor was 20 years old at that time.

There are relatively few sources that provide information about Michael Barton. His brother is an English professional football player.

When he was young his parents separated and consequently lived with his father at this grandmother’s house. 

Where Is Anthony Walker Murderer?

Michael Barton and Paul Taylor, the assassins of Anthony Walker, are currently serving life in prison.

They were each condemned to 23 years and eight months and 17 years and eight months respectively in jail.

After a few hours after the attack, Michael Barton and Paul Taylor fled the country and went to Amsterdam via a ferry to Calais.

However, after they were listed as suspects by Merseyside police, Barton’s brother Joey made a televised appeal asking the two to return home.

They returned to the UK a few days later and were arrested on arrival.

Michael first rejected the murder charge. However, in 2011, Barton apologized to Walker’s mother in a letter. Following that, in 2016, Judge Mr. Justice Mitting shortened Barton’s sentence by a year due to his exceptional improvement in jail.