Who Is Melanie Lynn? Jetstar Pilot Greg Lynn Wife And Family

Who Is Melanie Lynn? Jetstar Pilot Greg Lynn Wife And Family

Melanie Lynn is the wife of Jetstar Pilot Greg Lynn who was arrested on November  22, 2021, for the disappearance of two elderly campers. Let us learn more about Melanie and where is right now? 

Melanie Lynn is the wife of a Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn.

Greg Lynn was reportedly arrested on November 22, 2021, over the disappearance of two elderly campers who went missing during a camping trip in Wonnangatta Valley in March 2020.

Police after investigating for 20 months with extensive searches conducted in the Victorian Alps discovered that the pair were camping before they vanished. 

Later the vehicle was found with signs of minor fire damage at their campsite. The vehicle was reportedly completely burned out, near the Dry River Creek Track in the Wonnangatta Valley on March 21. 

According to the detectives, a blue late 90’s Nissan Patrol was captured on CCTV in the area the capers had visited last time. Meanwhile, The Pilot’s had the vehicle of the same make and model but the color is different. Additionally, Police have seized the vehicle in a suspect that he might have painted it in an attempt to disguise its likeliness. 

Where Is Melanie Lynn? Jetstar Pilot Greg Lynn Wife And Teenage Son

There is no update on where Melanie Lynn is right now. 

Although Lynn had lived in the home with his wife Melanie and teenage son for at least 10 years, the home remained deserted when police came for an arrest.

Who is Melanie Lynn? Wiki 

Melanie Lynn is mostly recognized as the wife of Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn. 

She is also a flight attendant who has traveled the world. In fact, she is the poster girl for Jetstar. She met her husband while they were working together overseas.

She is also the mother of three children. One, she shares with her husband Greg and two are from Greg’s previous relationship. 

Further, Her neighbors described her as a friendly and caring person.

How Old Is Melanie Lynn?

Melanie Lynn appears to be at the age between 50-55 years old, Judging from her picture. 

Her exact age and birthdate have not yet been revealed on the internet. On the other, her husband Greg is currently 55 years old, according to dailymail.