Who Is Rosie Mattio? Everything About The Bodybuilder Who Swapped Alcohol With Weed For Her Fitness

Who Is Rosie Mattio? Everything About The Bodybuilder Who Swapped Alcohol With Weed For Her Fitness

Rosie Mattio, the proprietor of Mattio Communications, is well-known for her fitness experiments with cannabis. Stay with us to learn more about her through this article.

Rosie Mattio is the CEO of Greenmarket Report’s #1 ranked cannabis PR agency. She is a strategic powerhouse, industry connection, and influencer.

Furthermore, Rosie has lately made news after winning a fitness competition. She quit drinking and started smoking marijuana, which she claims helped her win the tournament.

Over the last year, her firm has grown in lockstep with the industry, adding marketing and communications services for clients.

Her company also provides IR, social media marketing, SEO, event planning, and influencer marketing services, among other things.

Rosie Mattio has won a slew of honors over her career.

Who Is Rosie Mattio?

Rosie Mattio is a fitness enthusiast and the proprietor of a marketing agency.

After winning the latest fitness competition, she has been all over the headlines. Her project has gotten a lot of attention. During her tenure as president, she converted from booze to cannabis.

She claimed that she smoked pot instead of drinking booze to avoid the calories in the drink and obtain a better night’s sleep. Her choice proved to be correct, as she won first place in the tournament.

Rosie Mattio has devoted her free time to exercise for the past seven years.

She gets up at 4:30 a.m. six days a week to lift weights and run, all while juggling time with her four girls and work at her marketing firm.

She decided to try cannabis while prepping for a bodybuilding competition in January, and the effects were positive.

Mattio won her tournament in Florida, and she told Insider that she owes her success to her decision to forego booze in favor of cannabis.

Rosie Mattio Bodybuilder Age And Wikipedia Explored

Rosie Mattio’s age is 40 years old at the moment. However, she has not yet disclosed her birth details to the media or the general public.

She was raised in the Bronx.

Similarly, the bodybuilder’s bio has also not yet been featured on the official webpage of Wikipedia.

But, there are other sources available including us where you can read the bio of Rosie.

Rosie also worked at Rubenstein Associates after starting her career at Alison Brod Public Relations.

She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Public Relations/Image Management.

Furthermore, she marketed various customers in the technology and food & beverage industries before moving into the cannabis industry. She started RMPR as a one-woman PR agency in 2004.

Rosie Mattio Net Worth Explored

Rosie Mattio’s estimated net worth is in the millions. Her net worth is in excess of $70 million.

Mattio Communications, which she founded in 2005, is her company’s CEO and owner.

Mattio Communications specializes in the cannabis industry and offers a comprehensive range of public relations and marketing services.

It focuses on the cultivation, manufacturing, finance, technology, and related services of the cannabis business.

She has a long-standing passion for fitness, which she utilizes to augment her earnings from her firm.

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