Who Is Sabrina Prater On TikTok? @sabrinaprater625 Is Trending

Who Is Sabrina Prater On TikTok? @sabrinaprater625 Is Trending

Sabrina Prater is a well-recognized name on the TikTok platform. To learn further about the TikTok star, continue reading the article to the end. 

A well-known TikTok star, Sabrina Prater, is actually a guy, best known for his comedic videos where he dresses as a girl. 

You can watch tons of his TikTok videos, where you’ll find him wearing girl’s outfits with black pointed leather boots. Sabrina, however, has gathered a huge fan following based on his expressive videos as a girl. 

Who Is Sabrina Prater On TikTok? @sabrinaprater625

Sabrina Prater, whose actual name is Franklin Prater, is a well-recognized TikTok star, with around 167.2k followers and 1.8 million likes. 

Prater frequently uploads dancing videos on TikTok, where he dresses as a girl with some wigs and make-up. 

Going through his TikTok page, it seems like Pater enjoys what he does and also thinks of this as entertainment that is loved by his fans. 

Similarly, his TikTok content receives millions of views and likes. 



♬ Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindemann

How Old Is Sabrina Prater? Age Explored

As per his TikTok page, Sabrina Prater is 34 years of age. 

With a calculation from his given age, Prater was born in 1987. However, his birth month, on the other hand, remains unclear as he hasn’t revealed his exact birthdate to anyone. 

Sabrina Prater Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Sabrina Prater doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet. 

However, there are several articles written about him on the internet where you can learn more about him. 

Franklin Prater, who is known as Sabrina Prater on TikTok, has decided to dress like a girl to grab the attention of the people. 

Whether it’s for popularity or to gain followers, whatever the case may be, we are not the ones to pass the judgment, as it’s their life and choice. 

Further, details on his education, profession and family are not available on the online sources as of now. 

It seems like the 34-year-old male is a private person, who doesn’t like to share his personal information, but rather prefers to entertain people with his comedic dancing videos. 

Sabrina Prater was banned from TikTok for breaking the rules, where he posted nudity-related content. However, after being off for four days, Prater is back on TikTok with the same content pattern. 

You can follow him on TikTok under the username @sabrinaprater625, with huge fan followings and likes.