Who Is Victor Cuevas? Learn About Texas Murder Suspect And His Parents

Who Is Victor Cuevas? Learn About Texas Murder Suspect And His Parents

Victor Cuevas, the man suspected of being involved in the missing of a tiger in Houston, was apprehended at his parent’s home. Let’s have a look.

Victor Cuevas, a Texan, has been named a suspect in a tiger attack in a west Houston neighborhood.

On Sunday, May 9, neighbors saw the tiger for the first time. The scene’s videos and photos were extensively posted on social media.

Michael Elliott, Cuevas’s attorney, argued that his client did not own the tiger. Elliott claims that the Houston Police Department makes rash decisions.

Victor Cuevas Parents

The personalities of Victor Cuevas’ parents have yet to be identified.

His parents are said to live in Richmond, Texas, in Fort Bend County.

Victor Cuevas Wife

Victor Cuevas is married to his wife named Gia Cuevas.

On the internet, there is no additional detail about her.

Victor Cuevas Age: How Old Is He?

Victor Cuevas’s age is as of now is 26 years old. Despite the lack of information about his birth details, we can estimate that he was born between 1995 and 1996.

Nevertheless, the day on which he marks his birthday remains a mystery. He is a native of Texas.

Is Victor Cuevas Arrested?

On May 10, 2021, Victor Cuevas was arrested at his parent’s home in Richmond, Fort Ben Nation. The city of Richmond is part of the Houston metropolitan area.

According to prison reports, he was sent to Fort Bend Country Prison after 20:00 on May 10. He is guilty of eluding capture. Cuevas is charged with murder in Fort Bend County. On July 14, 2017, he was accused of shooting and killing Osiekhuemen Omobhude.

Similarly, Victor was rescued from prison on a $300,000 bond in this context. According to reports, he was released from the Fort Bend Country Jail on an evading warrant.

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