Who was Charlie David Carver? Kala Brown Boyfriend – His Cause Of Death Exposed

Who was Charlie David Carver? Kala Brown Boyfriend – His Cause Of Death Exposed

Charlie David Carver was a guy killed by infamous American serial killer Todd Kohlhepp. Apart from Charlie, Todd was convicted of murdering six more people. 

Charlie David Carver is the guy whose body was discovered at the same location where his girlfriend, Kala Brown, was discovered ‘chained like a dog.’

Their disappearance had sparked much speculation.

Charlie David Carver: Kala Brown Boyfriend

32-year-old Charlie David Carver and his girlfriend Kala Brown lived together in Anderson. 

According to relatives and family, the pair moved in together after dating for a few months.

After arriving at Kohlhepp’s approximately 100-acre farm in Woodruff, South Carolina to work on August 31, Charles and Kala went missing.

When Charles’ family and friends started receiving messages from him on Facebook, they assumed his account had been hacked.

Moreover, Charlie’s mother Joanne Shiflet informed the police that the texts did not sound like her son. Carver was reportedly shot in the upper extremities many times, according to news reports.

Charlie David Carver Cause Of Death Exposed 

The cause of Charlie David Carver’s death was multiple gunshot wounds to the upper extremities. 

Authorities discovered Kala Brown tied to the wall inside a metal storage container on Todd Kohlhepp’s home on November 3, 2016.

What Happened To Charlie David Carver?

Wright identified the body in a shallow grave on the property as that of Charles David Carver.

Moreover, Brown told investigators Kohlhepp shot and killed her boyfriend in front of her.

Meanwhile, their kidnapper Todd is a skilled mastermind who has previously served fifteen years in jail for allegedly raping a neighbor.

After that, Kohlhepp was handcuffed, wearing an orange jumpsuit was arrested. 

Kohlhepp was then handcuffed and detained while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

On top of that, Todd also admitted to four killings that he committed in 2003. At least seven people have died as a result of his actions and Kala Brown is facing kidnapping accusations.

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