Who Are Zach Calzada Parents? Everything On Colleen & Hector Calzada Jr

Who Are Zach Calzada Parents? Everything On Colleen & Hector Calzada Jr

Zach Calzada is an American football backup for the Texas A&M Aggies. Colleen Calzada and Hector Calzada Jr. are his parents’ names. Here’s everything you should know about his parents.

Zach Calzada is a sophomore at Texas A&M University and a professional college football player in the United States.

He is not a full-time player for the Texas A&M Aggies, but he does appear as a substitute on occasion.

For the past two seasons, he has been a member of the Texas A&M football team. Furthermore, he was just recently given a start after Haynes was injured.

However, he did not perform as expected, resulting in widespread criticism. The Aggies won, although their performance suffered as a result of Zach’s lies.

All of this had nothing to do with his appearance or other areas of his life, but as we can see on social media, some are trolling by even suggesting his face resembles male genitals.

With all of this going on, it appears that people are ready to learn more about the football player and his personal life.

Concerns about his parents, age, height, girlfriend, salary, and other similar issues are on the rise and are at an all-time high on the internet.

Who Are Colleen & Hector Calzada Jr?:  Zach Calzada Parents

Colleen and Hector Calzada Jr. are Zach Calzada’s parents.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on his parents. There are, however, a few that we are aware of.

We’ve seen his father comment about his kid and his performances a few times, but his mother is rarely seen in public unless it’s on his social media.

His father works in the healthcare industry as an M&A advisor. He is employed in the medical field.

Zach Calzada’s parents have another child in addition to Zach. The child is also an athlete.

Carolyn Calzada, his younger sister, is a freshman who hopes to play for G Guerreri and the Texas A&M women’s soccer team.

Zach also acknowledges his parents on several occasions, and he expresses gratitude to them for allowing him to pursue his ambition of playing football.

More information about his parents, such as their personal lives or their children other than Zach, is not yet available but will be soon.

Zach Calzada Girlfriend Details

Mariana Torres, a colleague, is Zach Calzada’s current girlfriend. She is a Texas A&M athlete, much like Zach. She plays baseball for the women’s squad.

Mariana Torres is most likely of mixed racial ancestry. She is a Latina who is attending the same university as Zach Calzada.

The duo appears to be enjoying each other’s company. They’re also both athletes.

It also appears that they have only been dating for a short time because they only recently published photos of themselves hanging out on the beach, thus announcing their relationship.

Zach Calzada Age: How Old Is He?

Zach Calzada’s age seems to appear a 20-year-old athlete.

His actual birthday has yet to be established. We can, nevertheless, presume he was born in the years 2000 or 2001.

He was born and raised in the Sugar Hill area of Georgia. His age has been calculated based on his appearance and the fact that he is a sophomore in college.

Furthermore, he stands tall at 6 feet and 3 inches when it comes to his physical appearance and body proportions.

Zach Calzada On Instagram

Zach Calzada is active on Instagram with the username @zach.calzada. Likewise, his account is verified and is categorized as an Athlete account.

Moreover, he has amassed more than 16.6K followers and has been following 674 users with 7 posts to date.

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